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-Beyond Baroque awarded Mike for "Distinguished Service to the Los Angeles Poetry Community"MORE


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Beyond Baroque awarded Mike with "Distinguished Service to the Los Angeles Poetry Community," in July 2013.

California State University, Los Angeles awarded Mike "Special Recognition in Graduate Studies," in April 2014.

The Estate of Scott Wannberg awarded Mike *"The Ongoing Dancer,"* for dedication to Poem, Process and Community in February 2015.

The Joy Fanatic Foundation awarded Mike the, "Joy Fanatic Award," for his outstanding contribution to increasing JOY in the community in June 2016.


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Articles Mike has written

In addition to KCET, Mike has published recent pieces in The Architects Newspaper, Entropy, Cultural Weekly and Los Angeles Review of Books.

Mike had poems recently published in Angel’s Flight Magazine and Angel City Review.

Mike has published 25 young writers over the last several months in a new column for Cultural Weekly, “Tomorrow’s Voices Today.”

Mike has poems published in three recent poetry anthologies: The Coiled Serpent, Bird Float Tree Song and Wide Awake.

KCET Column: LA Letters

Article on Gil Scott-Heron

Article on Shel Silverstein in Los Angeles Review of Books

Article from Poets & Writers Magazine

Poetry Meets Activism/ Poets & Writers December 2011

Words on 'City Lights'

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